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Sunday, September 10, 2006

We're Calling You Out!


If you've ever reviewed the fishing reports on Missouri Trout Hunter before hitting the river, but you've never submitted a fishing report of your own, WE'RE CALLING YOU OUT! Our counter program enables us to see not only how many visitors we have, but also which cities and states they're from. So, it's easy to see that while we have a bunch of visitors from Kansas City, Springfield, Columbia, and also from Kansas and Oklahoma, 90% of our fishing reports come from the Eastern half of the state and Illinois. What gives guys? We rely on all of our visitors to help us keep our fishing report pages up to date with current information.

If you visit us looking for a recent fishing report and don't find it, you could be helping the situation by submitting a fishing report as soon as you get home! You'd be amazed how quickly this improves the situation. When one report is filed, it prompts more people to file reports on that stream after their fishing trip, and suddenly I'm pulling my hair out trying to find the time to update the site! So, if you've gotten bent out of shape, because there haven't been very many reports from Hickory Creek, Capps Creek, Crane Creek, Lake Taneycomo, Bennett, Niangua, Roaring River, etc., we're calling you out to help us fix the problem! Stop being so shy! Even if you got skunked, we still want to hear from you, and so do the rest of our visitors. A report that the fishing's been tough is just as valuable as a fishing report that boasts of fantastic results.

And, if you're a business owner, here's a little perk for you. Every time you file a legitimate fishing report for an actual fishing trip you've taken, we'll include a link and contact information so our visitors can reach you. Please note I said "legitimate". We have had some problems with folks filing false reports trying to increase traffic to their rivers (i.e. campground operators saying things like "we caught 50 trout in 3 hours, including 10 fish that went over 20 inches!"), and obviously, we can't have that. But, if you own a restaurant, motel, campground, canoe rental, flyshop, bed & breakfast, flyfishing school, guide service, or WHATEVER, go fishing, send us reports, and see your business exposure increase. If you'll help out our visitors, we'll be more than happy to return the favor.

Many thanks in advance.


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